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$PAIRED is the ecosystem's reward and utility token. It is allocated when attending Meet-ups and are required for various actions within the PairedWorld ecosystem.

These include levelling up your SOUL token and thereby receiving benefits. Holding $PAIRED also gives you the opportunity to participate in council elections and propose initiatives for Treasury funds.

The more $PAIRED a user holds (capped by the level of the SOUL), the higher also the reward when participating in Meet-ups.

The $PAIRED token manifests your active engagement and the value you add to the PairedWorld ecosystem. By holding $PAIRED, you assert your commitment to the community and your active role in its growth and development.

$PAIRED is an ERC-20 token with an initial supply of 1,000,000,000. More $PAIRED is released into circulation as people take part in the PairedWorld ecosystem, attending Meet-ups and forming connections. The token smart contract has a 3% hard-coded year-over-year inflation limit, which combines with the burn mechanics and other ecosystem features to maintain a balanced supply.

$PAIRED Allocation Model

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