SOULs have three important attributes:

  • ID

  • Strength

  • Level


The SOUL ID is unique to a wallet - you will only ever have one ID, and that ID will only ever belong to you. It functions simply as an identifier within the ecosystem of PairedWorld.

Strength Strength is a metric in the PairedWorld ecosystem that embodies your external reputation, encapsulating your contributions and standing within existing communities, and on-chain in general.

This innovative feature bridges the gap between existing communities and PairedWorld ecosystem by reflecting the reputation you've earned through participation and contribution to other communities.

In many digital ecosystems, new members start from zero, their previous accomplishments or contributions in other spaces being disregarded. PairedWorld fundamentally disrupts this dynamic. Reflecting your reputation earned in other communities through your SOUL Strength guarantees that your past efforts retain their value, forming the basis of your reputation within PairedWorld.

For instance, should an NFT collection-based community be onboarded within PairedWorld, a member who holds multiple NFTs from that collection could be awarded a SOUL token with a higher Strength than a member who owns just one. This Strength offers an undeniable, quantifiable reputation metric akin to how specific traits or behaviours might enhance a creature's survival in a biological ecosystem, yet are intangible and unquantifiable in that environment.

In PairedWorld, the Strength of your SOUL token can act as a multiplier, for instance, when claiming SPARK tokens. This serves as recognition for active contributors from onboarded communities, thereby importing pre-existing reputations into the new ecosystem. Consequently, your SOUL Strength, representing your unique reputation level within any onboarded communities, remains the same due to activity within PairedWorld. Level While the Strength is a marker of an individual's accumulated reputation and status from environments outside the PairedWorld ecosystem, the Level stands in contrast, serving as a testament to their ongoing engagement, contributions, and activities within the PairedWorld. It's more than just a number; it encapsulates a journey of personal growth, development, and earned recognition, all of which are vividly reflected in the progression of one's SOUL's Level.

As participants immerse themselves in the experience, attending Meet-ups and forging meaningful Connections, they gain the opportunity to elevate their SOUL's Level.

Their Level isn't just a measure of activity but a beacon of standing, dedication, and influence within PairedWorld. Possessing a higher level SOUL not only stands as a testament to sustained engagement but also unveils a suite of elevated perks. These encompass the ability to earn increasingly notable rewards for continued participation, thus rewarding and incentivising active and enriching involvement within the community. However, it's vital to recognise that the SOUL's level indicates an enduring commitment; a lengthy period of inactivity can reduce the Level, reflecting the dynamic nature of human connections and the significance of regular engagement in preserving status within a group. A comprehensive list of levelling criteria and rewards can be found here. A full list of levelling criteria and rewards can be found here.

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