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SPARKs are integral to the PairedWorld ecosystem, providing a practical solution to enhance and monetise reputation without losing it. As fungible ERC-1155 tokens, they are pivotal in organising and encouraging participation in Meet-ups the critical social connection and community events within the PairedWorld ecosystem.

SPARKs are distributed at regular intervals to SOUL token holders, emphasising the merit-based nature of our ecosystem. This allocation, done at no charge, rewards active participation and facilitates more vibrant and interactive community Meet-ups.

SPARKs also offer flexibility through their transferability. They can be exchanged in secondary markets, promoting active user participation and engagement within our network.

The application of SPARKs is both straightforward and impactful. To organise or attend a Meet-ups, a single SPARK is burned, symbolising a meaningful contribution to the community. This mechanism encourages active involvement, fosters a sense of community ownership, and aligns with our core mission of building a more equitable, cooperative, and interconnected world.


SPARKs must be burned to schedule or attend a Meet-ups. Only one SPARK is needed and can be used per event. If the Meet-ups is visible and listed on the in-app schedule, the SPARK can be burned in advance as an RSVP for an extra reward bonus.

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