PairedWorld is a collaborative initiative among established communities and leading experts in the fields of Web3, Blockchain, Psychology, Neuroscience, and Behavioural-Economics introducing the first and only social protocol purposely built to authenticate and reward Real World Interactions (RWIs). With a united vision, we aim to demonstrate the transformative potential of emerging technologies in fostering positive societal change, enriching the lives of individuals and global communities alike.

PairedWorld Protocol

PairedWorld Protocol revolutionises everyday interactions by introducing a novel incentivisation layer that transforms real-world engagements into gamified and rewarding experiences. Powered by the $PAIRED token and a custom Validium, using zk-SNARKs, PairedWorld aims to promote a future where everyone, regardless of their location, has equal access to engage in the global community through real-life encounters. By focusing on decentralised, universally-accessible systems for managing identity and social interactions, PairedWorld enhances how people connect in physical spaces. As the PairedWorld ecosystem grows, so too does the utility it brings to real-world engagement. This shift not only improves how we connect and share value but also opens up new avenues for global participation in various social and economic activities.

w3meet mobile dApp

The first application of PairedWorld's protocol is "w3meet", a fist in-class mobile dApp powering a reward and reputation based meet-to-earn ecosystem. w3meet aims to demonstrate that the true power of Web3 lies in its ability to enable communities and individuals to operate in a manner akin to biological ecosystems, fostering a sense of interconnectedness and mutual growth through in-real-life interactions. w3meet is the first SocialFi / DeSoc application for the real world.


$PAIRED is a pioneering token that leverages emerging technology to infuse purpose into life through meaningful human connections that are not only valued but also rewarded. $PAIRED is the ecosystem's reward, governance and utility token. It is earned by attending Meet-ups.

But, more than a mere token, $PAIRED represents a globally inclusive movement for social connection, enabling an ecosystem that facilitates, incentivises, and rewards meaningful social connections in-real-life. It unifies an array of community factions, fostering reciprocal growth and setting the groundwork for the formation of resilient communities and support mechanisms, thereby enhancing life satisfaction and overall health.


SOULs are semantic, soulbound tokens (EIP-6239) that represent a user’s identity and reputation within the ecosystem, encapsulating three distinct attributes that define and enrich the user identity: ID: A unique identifier akin to DNA in living organisms, establishing a distinct digital identity. Strength: An External Reputation Index, capturing the adaptability and experiences from interactions outside the PairedWorld ecosystem. Level: An Internal Reputation Index, representing the growth and achievements within PairedWorld.

Real World Interactions (RWIs)

PairedWorld has pioneered a new set of data and analytics (RWIs), offering unprecedented insights into in-real-life behaviours and human connections. This is facilitated by our custom Validium framework utilising zk-SNARKs technology, securely authenticating and logging real-world human interactions on the blockchain. This advanced technology ensures AI-proof validation of humanity, creating privacy-preserving Proofs of Humanness while upholding the highest standards of privacy and data integrity. This approach is particularly resistant to advancements in AI, as it fundamentally relies on face-to-face human connections.

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