The SOUL Claiming Process

There are four methods for individuals to be whitelisted for a SOUL:

Initial Methods:

  1. Partner Community Membership: If an individual is a member of a community already integrated into the PairedWorld network, their wallet will automatically be whitelisted. Members from founding communities are awarded a Level 2 SOUL. Those from communities added later receive a Level 1 SOUL.

  2. Ad-Honorem: Receiving a direct invitation from the governing council qualifies an individual for a Level 3 SOUL.

  3. Referral by SOUL Holders: Those who already possess SOULs and have been granted the privilege to extend invitations can introduce newcomers. Receiving such a referral gives the new member a Level 1 SOUL.

During the exclusive invitation-only Beta phase, these are the only valid methods. However, an additional method will soon be available:

  • Claiming your SOUL: Should an individual have no SOUL, they have the opportunity to claim their entry Level 1 SOUL during designated claim periods., by joining the waiting list. These periods will always be announced beforehand.

Your SOUL can be minted for free. The only way to do so is via the w3meet mobile app, which regularly checks your claiming rights and makes it simple to securely initiate the mint transaction.

The on-chain claim is periodically updated, so if you find that you are not whitelisted when you anticipated being, please check again after the next update.

Multi-chain & Non Web3-natives friendly

While technical nuances exist between blockchains, we uphold the principle that in real life, everyone stands equal. Should your onboarded community stem from a blockchain outside of Ethereum or its Layer 2 solutions, fear not! PairedWorld has established a secure platform where users can relay their Ethereum addresses. This grants uninterrupted entry into the PairedWorld ecosystem, even if their credentials are based on a distinct blockchain's reputation.

In other words, although the PairedWorld token ecosystem primarily operates on Ethereum Layer 1, it doesn't serve as a barrier to all those looking to emphasise fostering meaningful relationships in their lives. PairedWorld's inclusivity reaches out not only to users from all blockchains but also to those unfamiliar with blockchain platforms (non web3-natives).

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