What is a Meet-up? A meet-up (also referred to as an event interchangeably) is simply a social occasion where two or more individuals convene to form and build a social connection. It can range from an intimate private gathering to a public occasion: an impromptu hangout, a structured event, a concert, a sports event, or any other form of any other type of get-together. These occasions give us a chance to build friendships, form new social connections, relationships, share laughter, and engage in conversation with one another. So, whenever you participate in a meet-up, it's an opportunity to strengthen the bonds that bring us all closer together. With PairedWorld, it's also an opportunity to build your social standing and earn $PAIRED tokens, thereby adding a rewarding dimension to your social interactions.

How do Meet-ups work?

  1. The Basics: A vital component of the PairedWorld ecosystem is the Mobile App, a platform expertly crafted to cultivate connections in the real world. One can immerse oneself in ongoing events or spearhead new ones, nurturing relationships that flourish over time. Furthermore, individuals can reap rewarding incentives as a testament to their dynamic participation.

  2. Scheduled In-App Events: The App offers a calendar with scheduled events to browse and join. Events cover various interests, so one can choose one that suits them best.

  3. Community-Initiated Events: Community members can create and host events, inviting other users to participate. This allows one to engage with like-minded individuals and enjoy shared experiences.

  4. Event Types: $PAIRED events can range from small gatherings like dinners, coffee meet-ups, and game nights to larger events like concerts, sports games, and festivals. The PairedWorld Application accommodates various interests, allowing one to find the perfect event to attend or create. An event can be organized by an individual or one can create an event within an event (for example, setting up a meet-up with friends at a music concert).

  5. Forming and Nurturing Connections: PairedWorld is designed to assist individuals in meeting new people and developing lasting connections. Participating in events enables them to interact with others who share their interests, leading to more meaningful relationships.

  6. Earning Rewards: The App rewards active participation by elevating one's social status within the ecosystem, achieved through levelling up one's SOUL. Discover more about this here. One will also earn SPARKs that permit the creation and attendance of meet-ups, fostering the ability to earn rewards. These tokens are issued at regular intervals for free to owners of SOUL tokens or can be acquired peer-to-peer on the secondary market. SPARKs serve as a tool that allows individuals to monetise reputation and status without forfeiting it, and to earn $PAIRED.

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